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Problem with the software

Hi when I lunch the ar-sandbox application on windows 10 it runs the Unity screen and then a black screen appears and nothing happens. The kinect sensor is contected to the laptop but it still black screen. I have got the kinect SDK.


Thanks for your message. Assuming you already did the calibration, etc., the first thing you will want to check is the 'Terrain Bottom Level'. If the value is too high, all the projected terrain lands above your sandbox, so to say. Launch the application, press Tab, navigate to 'Terrain Bottom Level' and decrease the level until you start seeing a picture. Refer to these instructions.

However, if you are just starting with your setup, check the Kinect connection first. Run the 'Configuration Verifier' in Kinect's SDK. At the bottom of the pop-up window you should be able to see the camera stream (give it few seconds to load). It should run at a steady 30fps. Anything other than that points out to connectivity/power spupply problems.

Next you should verify your sandbox levels. Launch the application, press Tab and navigate to 'Sandbox Top/Bottom Level'. Set the correct values, according to these instructions.

Lastly - calibrate your setup. There is a comprehensive guide here, including all preparations and troubleshooting. With it's help you should be able to resolve any problems.