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AR Sandbox

Real Time topographic sandbox.

Great fun with hands-on sandbox exhibit combined with 3D visualization.

The ar-sandbox story

The interactive sandbox project was developed by a team of scientists at UC-Davis ( ). It is free to use, based on linux. Basicly the sandbox allows users to create topography models by shaping real sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation color map, topographic contour lines and simulated water.

We wanted to create own software to create new agumented reality sandbox scenarios. Our software is limitless.

Why us?

10 years in exhibit manufacturing.

Full 3D CAD design

Customisation options! It's our software and we can modify it in any way!

Ready to use

Just plug the power
and turn the key on

It just works

No programing knowledge needed, no calibration, no adjustments.

Developed software

Made with Unity3d
Own developed

High performance

Our software uses Full HD projection with smooth animation.


Water simulation!
Change colors pallette

And more

Customisation: your Logo, choose paint, wheels


Shipping time 2-7 days in Europe

Manufacturing time 30 days.


The system teaches geographic, geologic, and hydro-logic concepts such as how to read a topography map, the meaning of contour lines, watersheds, catchment areas, levees, and much more.

Colors Create own palette

Choose colors you like and how many you want.

interactive sandbox
agumented reality sandbox
agumented reality sandbox colors
isandbox colors
i-sandbox colors


  • Menu Button

    Default function - water vanish (customizable)

  • Sand container

    Black finish to decrease reflections

  • Mobility

    Exhibit can be equipped with wheels.

  • Metal Body

    Metal frame with powder-painted elements and wooden walls

  • Custom paint

    Ask for custom paint from RAL color palette


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