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About us


was founded in Gdańsk, Poland in 2017. The mastermind behind the project teamed up with an aspiring game developer and together they created the basis for what is now KinectSandbox – arguably the best ar-sandbox software in the world. Over the next few years the team grew slowly but steadily. New ideas were born, new devices were created. From the very beginning we cooperated with local businesses. To this day, 90% of our contractors are located within 30 km of our headquarters. The company now consists of 6 people, all equally invested in the process. We embrace curiosity and always focus on the next step.

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About us


Founder and Director of the company

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Head of Engineering

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Software Developer

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Transport and Logistics

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Marketing Department

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Are we iSandBox?

*hint* The answer is no.

In recent years we’ve occasionally been mistaken for our competitor – a certain company based in the Russian Federation. To set the record straight, we have  n o t h i n g  to do with the iSandBOX brand or its parent company, Universal Terminal Systems (link). However, we do offer help to any augmented reality sandbox owners who are experiencing problems with their devices. Contact us if you are one of them. 

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