Augmented Reality Sandbox - Standard Model

The most popular model. Simple, yet fully featured.

Augmented Reality Sandbox – Standard Model

The powerful tool

The Standard model is a great starting point for anyone looking for an augmented reality sandbox. It can be equipped with all the software features of the larger models. The wheels allow for easy transport within a venue, while the simple construction ensures consistent work.  

This model is most popular among science centres and schools. The sandpit is large enough for up to 5 adults to use at the same time. The unit is best placed column side against a wall.
The Standard model can easily be the centrepiece of an exhibition, but its simple look won't attract attention if placed elsewhere.

This sandbox is designed for long hours of operation and will withstand prolonged intensive use.

Augmented Reality Sandbox – Standard Model


Augmented Reality Sandbox – Standard Model

Product details

Our most popular Augmented Reality Sandbox model will amaze you with it's beautiful, bright projection.
Bright (4000 ANSI Lumen), full HD projector and high performance Windows based computer provide the best AR experience.
Simple, rigid construction makes the unit durable and easy to maintain. Single control button mounted on the column. Multiple presets can be included, as well as a numeric pad controller.
Optional 13" LCD touchscreen can be mounted in place of the button for direct control of application settings.
Two housing options are available: plain countertop, or extended, LED-lit. Sandpit filled with 70 kg of either kinetic, or standard sand.

Exhibit dimensions (width x length x height):
1110 x 720 x 1950 mm
Sandpit dimensions (width x length x height):
1110 x 680 x 550 mm

Augmented Reality Sandbox – Standard Model

Optional 13" LCD Touchscreen

We have added the optional touchscreen to improve the functionality of our product. You can now control the application via an easy to use interface. Accessible settings include changing presets, altering colour schemes, projection height range, and resetting or disabling simulated waterflow.


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