Augmented Reality Sandbox - MagicBox

All-in-one independent projection system. Attach the box to the ceiling and build a custom sandpit.

Augmented Reality Sandbox – MagicBox


The MagicBox is designed for customers who want a custom sandpit that's tailored to their needs. It comes in two variants, for even better fit. If you need a flexible solution for your space, this is definitely the model for you. Both boxes are often utilized in scholar and academic DIY projects.
Thanks to the top-shelf projector, the MagicBox will provide immaculate projection quality, even in bright areas. It is important to notice the unit is not suitable for high ceilings.

Augmented Reality Sandbox – MagicBox

Classic version

Augmented Reality Sandbox – MagicBox

5K version

Augmented Reality Sandbox – MagicBox


Very bright full HD projectors and high performance, computers provide the best AR experience.
Buttons for basic application control are embedded in a wireless box. Both Projection Box versions are equipped with ethernet sockets for WOL/Shutdown. Ten different presets are included, as well as a numeric pad controller. Alternatively, the device can be equipped with a 10' wireless Tablet.
Regardless of which version you choose, your sandbox can take any shape. With the masking function of our software the projection can be cut accordingly. Just keep in mind the maximum dimensions stated above for each version.

Buttonbox dimensions (width x length x height):
160 x 110 x 200 mm


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