Here at AR-Sandbox we believe that boundaries need to be pushed, so we continue to develop our software with smart design, research and testing.

Topo Map v1.8 features

Our latest version of the software and the best one yet! Developed over time to provide You with the best AR experience. Smooth & steady, now with following features to enjoy:

  • fast refreshing: any changes applied to the sand are almost immediately projected by colour change; this makes the simulation far more realistic and appealing;
  • height filter: we set a given height, above which any objects seen by the sensor are automatically cut out; it allows the projection to run smoothly, even when there are lots of interested onlookers peeking in, possibly interfering with the sensor’s range; the set height can be adjusted by user;
  • terrain level adjustment: the original colour-to-height assignment can be changed easily, so for instance, having too much or too little sand in the box, you can still enjoy full colour spectrum;
  • two projection modes: you can now choose between the sharp contour line mode, splitting the sand into various isosurfaces, or more realistic natural mode, smoothing the transition between colours;
  • colour palettes: use the primary colour scheme, or make up your own one; the number and range of colours is limited by your imagination only;
  • smooth waterflow: just wave your hand gently above the sand surface and observe water droplets falling at the hills and valleys, merging into a stream and finding its way to the lowest region; frame rate can be increased up to 60FPS;
  • hand filter: as long as your hands are in contact with the sand, the water flow is not activated; also, this feature minimizes hand traces, remaining after playing with the sand;
  • easy water reset: each sandbox is equipped with a button, that resets the water and applies a 10s buffer before again letting it flow; holding the button down switches the water feature on and off;
  • image darkening (Large version only): the Sandbox Large version is equipped with an additional button that darkens the projection area when held down;

Topo Map v1.8 modules

We developed some extra modules to expand the functionality of our software and make it more fun to use!

AR-BALL Gravity Game

The objective is to guide a virtual ball from a starting point to finish, destroying all targets and avoiding obstacles along the way.
To do so, player first needs to mold the sand to form a runway. Easy as it sounds, making way for the ball turns out to be a great and fun challenge! The ball will only run downhill, so the track needs to be well-planned. If you make it too steep, it will jump out, too flat and it gets stuck!
With endless possibilities of shaping the sand and difficulty increasing with each level, the game never fails to amuse. Game play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4QfSBSuE4E&t=17s

Terrain model export to .FBX 

Export terrain shape to .fbx file (shape without materials and textures). Destination folder for the saved file is to be set in the .cfg config file in application folder. Button “+” saves file with unique name – date and time. 

Exported model can be used to create 3D prints! 

This module contains installation of an additional usb port (2x usb sockets total).

File sample: https://ar-sandbox.eu/download/Sandbox_2019-10-16_14-53-01.fbx


Take on the role of an archaeologist!

Firstly, the sand needs to be leveled. Too low will turn it red, too high – white. The right height will be colored green. After 90% of the surface is leveled, an invitation will appear and You can start digging. Carefully remove consecutive layers of sand to reveal the hidden treasure. Will it be a fossil, or maybe an ancient vase? When excavated, the finding will be appropriately colored. Breaking it’s structure will turn it red and decrease the score.

Game ends when 90% of the finding is revealed, or the time runs out.


Take a break from the everyday life and give free rein to Your imagination.
Create a virtual lagoon, paradise islands and peaceful beaches. The water level remains still. After You create the environment, sea creatures, such as colorful fish, will start to appear. The islands will start to blossom and tropical palms will sprout.

Feel free to visit the wonderland!

Topo Map v1.8 TECH SPECS

Technical specification & compatibility of Topo Map v1.8 software

Operating system



Working environment