Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

Easy as it gets

Our goal with KinectSandbox was to create an easily accessible platform for both education and amusement. But how to do it? By making the program easy to use!

It has never been easier to make your own AR Sandbox! All you have to do is download the software. The comprehensive documentation section and DIY tutorial will guide you through all the steps.


The most advanced Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

Augmented Reality Sandbox Software
Augmented Reality Sandbox Software
Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

Quality first

What really sets us apart is the attention to every detail. Once you see what our software looks like, you will know.

We didn’t just want to make an AR Sandbox software. We decided to make the best one.

Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

Make it yours

Our program is written from scratch in Unity 3D. A programming language mostly used for game development.

It allowed us to make the software really interactive but also easy to modify. The interface allows you to access a lot of options and if you want, you can upload your own content into the program.

There is also a wide range of additional modules, helping you to completely transform your experience. Choose what fits you best and have fun!


New additional modules are constantly developed

AR-Ball Gravity Game

Paradise Island

Terrain Scanner (FBX export)

Touch Screen



Some of the most distinctive features

custom colors
country border
  • Colour options: choose from a range of colour schemes to appear in your sandbox, introduce blending between them and switch on/off the contour lines. What’s even better, you can upload your own colour plettes and have as many of them as you want!


  • Water textures: pick one of three different water looks to best fit the colours of the sand. All behave equally realistic.


  • Height adjustment: use the slider on the interface to change the projected height in real time.


  • Terrain freeze: a great tool for visualizing a 3d space onto a flat surface. Press freeze and put a lid on the sanbox to turn it into a traditional map!


  • Overlaying image: you can project an image of your choice on top of the map. Any transparent .png picture will do and it’s up to you what elements you will introduce.


  • 3d export: single press of a button exports the terrain shape to a .fbx file. Use it to make 3d prints! 
Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

A piece of history

The interactive sandbox idea was brought to light by a team of scientists at The University of California-Davis ( https://arsandbox.ucdavis.edu/ ). They developed a Linux-based software with limitations of their time and technology. The software was made open-source and is used by majority of AR-Sandbox manufacturers to this day.


Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

Hypsometric paper map

Specific type of general geographic map. It shows the Earth’s surface, including the relief (lowlands, highlands, mountains). Colours are applied to emphasize the height differences; they are separated with contour lines – isohypses. The contour lines connect points with the same absolute height. It is customary to mark lowlands with shades of green, highlands in yellow and orange, whereas mountains are marked in red and brown or white.

Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

Interactive map with our software

Application allows users to create topography models by shaping actual, physical sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation color map, topographic contour lines and simulated water. Water simulation is based on St. Venant equations (shallow water equations).

Augmented Reality Sandbox Software

How to use it?

Move your hand over sand, build mountains, dig valleys, or even lakes and rivers. Observe how colours change along with the change of height. In order to cause precipitation, press the button and raise your hand above the sandbox. See how the water behaves depending on the terrain's shape. Most importantly though, experiment and have fun!


Download now!

Download totally free version of Augmented Reality Sandbox software or buy a license. Lifetime or online for chosen period.

DIY Tutorial

Check the instructions how to build Augmented Reality Sandbox.