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Software License

  1. We are planning to build AR-sandboxes at our facilities. I see on your webpage that there are some licensing prices.Is that price for buyout? That we pay once for the software for us to use.
    Also, can that software be used in a pc that is hooked to a projector?

    Current licensing is for lifetime use on a singe computer. License is generated basing on used hardware.
    We can move license only if computer is damaged.
    It is not hooked to the projector.

  2. We are interested in the 7-day license ( https://ar-sandbox.eu/product/kinectsandbox-online-7-days/ ) for a scientific dissemination event organized by our research (non-profit) institution. By reading the information on your site, you say that it must be connected to the internet due activate the license.Our demo will take place at the end of september in a town square, so we won't have internet access. Can we activate it first online inside the Institute and then continue to use it in the absence of an internet connection during the event?Do we necessarily have to activate it the first day of use or can we do it even a few weeks before and then start the software only when we really need it? After activating the software with the license for the first time, does the 7-day count down start or does it work differently?

    The software checks the license on the start of the program and every 12 hours. We add license period on the server that software checks it it OK. You will need a the internet connection during the event. The solution for this is simple - you can use your mobile phone and share the internet connection via USB cable (tethering via USB) on event start. Another check would be after 12 hours.