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KinectSandbox Updates/ToDo

Hello All,
In this topic we want to inform you what is coming next with updates to our KinectSandbox software.
We are open for suggestions from you.


v 2.0.7

  • New Licensing Options: Online validation for a chosen period, Education license
  • Discovery module
    • New touchscreen menu
    • Discover Numbers and letters
  • Bug fixes


v 2.0.6

added Discovery module beta
new GUI for settings
projection borders control fix
paradise island height control on the touchscreen
freeze projection – hypsometric map
settings – global settings, preset settings, localization (comments in files)
many small fixes
New documentation: https://ar-sandbox.eu/docs/

v 1.9.9
Mouse 1 replaced with Mouse 3 button – Using touch screen does not clear water

v 1.9.8

Performance! Software runs on integrated graphic card VEGA8 with 30 fps
Water material index – 3 types of water
Overlay image on touch screen menu
v 1.9.7

Portuguese language
Paradise Island Module
v 1.9.4

Global settings