You can use the keyboard and mouse to change software parameters or simulate the button for the action (water flow, ball roll etc.)


MOUSE 2 button – water ON/OFF (or another action in additional modules);

MOUSE 3 button (middle) – Remove water instantly (or another action in additional modules);


B – water on/off;

Q – Flood area;

SPACE – water reset, ball roll;

NUMPAD * – Freeze function;

NUMPAD + – 3D scan export to an external drive;

0-9 – Load corresponding preset from KinectSandbox_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings;

Tab – open and close on-screen menu;

Keys below are no longer working since KinectSandbox v2.2

Z,X – change sandbox top level
C,V – change sandbox bottom level

Q,A – upper level of terrain
W,S – lower level of terrain

T,Y – left border
G,H – right border
U,J – upper border
I,K – lower border