Software Update

Download the latest KinectSandbox version:

  1. Go to old version folder KinectSandbox_Data\StreamingAssets
    • Copy: calib.xml and paste to the same folder in new version
    • Open GlobalSettings.txt and copy known parameters to the GlobalSettings.txt in new version.
      eg. TerrainBottomLevel”: -73.78299713134766,
    • If there is a new variable that not exist in the old config just leave it alone.
  2. Open folder KinectSandbox_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings
    • If you use additional screen (wifi tablet, secondary screen, touch screen):
      Copy parameters from each file settings_mode_0.json – settings_mode_x.json the new application
    • If you use only projector:
      Copy parameters from each file settings_0.json – settings_9.json the new application.