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Augmented Reality Sandbox as easy to assembly parts.

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Augmented Reality Sandbox device

ONE TIME OFFER. Only 1 in stock

This exact device was at our showroom for a year. It holds minor usage marks. It is cleaned, refurbished and re-calibrated before shipping. Standard warranty applies.

Assembly procedure requires simple tools – hex keys sizes 5-8. Cable connections are simple and intuitive. Whole assembly can be done by 1 person.

Software included:


  • Projector 4000 ANSI Lumen
  • Depth sensor – Kinect 2
  • Resolution 1280×800 pixels
  • High performance computer
  • 80 kg kinetic sand or standard sand to choose 
  • Touchscreen 10” for application control
  • Remote, power cord, manual

Unit is delivered in parts, assembly instructions supplied. No configuration required – plug&play.

Materials: powder coated steel connectors, powder coated aluminum profiles, powder coated steel housing elements, strengthened laminated fabric sandpit.

Full container of the kinetic sand included.

Exhibit dimensions:

Width: 1310 mm, Length: 960 mm, Height: 1590 mm

Sandbox dimensions:
Width: 1310 mm, Length: 820 mm, Height: 160 mm

Transport dimensions (stacked, no sand):

Length: 1310 mm, Width: 450 mm, Height: 450 mm