No screen:

  • Check if the lens protection is open.

  • Check if the projector is turned on – you should be able to see a light source in the lens.
  • If lens are dark, point the remote through the rectangle hole to target the projector inside. Press power on button. You will hear a “click” and after a few seconds projector will show starting screen. 
  • If the projector is on – turn on the computer using the key. Illuminated pushbutton means the computer is on.

Changing presets is not working:

  • Press ‘NumLock’ on the numeric keyboard.
  • Restart the device.
  • Replace battery in keypad.

The application screen freezes or shows only one colour:

  • Restart the device.
  • Check Kinect logo on the sensor – it should be illuminated with a constant white light. If it’s not, contact the staff.

Other problems:

You can also read the DIY Tutorial to gain some extra knowledge regarding building, calibrating and operating an ar-sandbox.