Online support

All units have the remote control desktop installed. We are able to connect to the unit and check the problems. To do that we need to connect local Internet source. It can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Using the Mobile Phone to share the internet
    • There is a USB socket in the back of the device. Plug the telephone USB cable and connect to the phone.
    • On your Android device, go into the Settings app and look for an option named USB tethering. You may find this in a menu named Network and Internet or Connections. You may also find the USB tethering within the USB Settings that pop up when you plug in your phone.
  • Using WiFi – Inside the sandbox there is a computer with the WiFi card installed.
    • Connect the usb keyboard (or better keyboard + mouse) to the usb socket
    • Press CRTL+F4 to kill KinectSadbox application
    • Go to the wifi settings and connect your wifi