• Countertop and lacquered/laminated elements – Carefully remove dust with dry soft cloth. Clean with soft cloth soaked in cleaning detergent for varnished furniture. Disposable cloths can also be used.
  • Depth sensor (Kinect) – Use window glass cleaner, wipe with soft cloth. 
  • Enclosure steel elements – Use window glass cleaner, wipe with soft cloth.
  • Mirror – the best way is to use compressed air to remove dust form the mirror. If needed, use window glass cleaner and wipe with soft cloth. (try not to push mirror while wiping!)

Sand (both kinetic and washed) should be replaced according to its condition, although at least once every 4 months.

Batteries in the projector’s remote and numeric keypad (if included) should be replaced once a year.

Replacement or cleaning of the projector’s air filter should be done according to a notice shown by the device. In such case contact the staff.


All models allow some service access to the device’s computer. In most cases these are special panels located at the back side of the unit, providing USB and/or Ethernet sockets. Such ports can also be mounted as optional features. They can be used e.g. to upload a newer version of the software to your sandbox.

Both Large models however have a removable back panel. It is mounted using ball mounts, similar to the ones used on plinth panels. Two are located at the outer edges of the panel and another two are closer to the center. There is also a key lock in the lower part of the panel, exactly in the middle.

To access the computer in those models:

  • Remove the back plinth panel,
  • Insert the supplied key in the lock and gently turn it right quarter a turn,
  • Free the ball mounts, gently pulling the lower edge of the big panel outwards.
  • After any service work is done, the panels have to be mounted in opposite order and the lock has to be engaged with the supplied key.