Colour palette files


You can find the colour palette files in KinectSandbox\KinectSandbox_Data\ StreamingAssets\Colors folder. They are standard text files you can edit with Notepad.

The palette being used is defined in the currently loaded preset file, or chosen on the secondary screen (touchscreen/tablet).


In the Settings… file you’ll find this line:

ColorsPalette”: 0 – where ‘0’ is the alphabetic index of file from KinectSandbox\KinectSandbox_Data\ StreamingAssets\Colors [0, 1, 2, 3…];

All colour palette files are named according to the pattern: [0_colors…, 1_colors…, 2_colors…]. This way it’s easy to assign a numer to a file. Take it into account if you decide to change file names or create your own files.


We recommend to edit the files using Notepad++.

Each file consists of lines of text, from 1 up to 27.

Each line represents a single colour. Colours are described in hex notation.

The first line describes the bottom of the projection (lowest regions).

The last line describes the top (highest region).

On the projected image, each line of text will be ended with a contour line. This means if you put two lines describing the same colour, you will have a contour line projected right in the middle of this colour’s region (unless you turn the contour lines off).

Don’t leave empty lines at the end or at the beginning of the file.

Exemplary file


This file represents a pattern with three colours: red, green, and blue.

Colour red (#FF0000) will be projected at the bottom of the sandbox.

Colour blue (#0000FF) will be projected at the top of the sandbox.

Two layers of colour green (#00FF00) will be divided by a contour line in the middle.