KinectSandbox Additional Modules

We developed extra modules to expand the functionality of our software and make it more fun to use!

AR-BALL Gravity Game

The objective is to guide a virtual ball from a starting point to finish, destroying all targets and avoiding obstacles along the way.
To do so, player first needs to mold the sand to form a runway. Easy as it sounds, making way for the ball turns out to be a great and fun challenge! The ball will only run downhill, so the track needs to be well-planned. If you make it too steep, it will jump out, too flat and it gets stuck!

With endless possibilities of shaping the sand and difficulty increasing with each level, the game never fails to amuse. Game play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4QfSBSuE4E&t=17s

Terrain model export to .FBX

To immediately export terrain shape data, press the “+” button on the numeric keypad. If You are using our Touchscreen feature, there is an individual ‘Export’ page in the interface with a convenient export button. The saved file is .fbx format (shape without materials and textures) and has its own unique name – date and time. By default files are saved on an external flash drive.

For expert users: destination folder for the saved files can be changed in the .cfg config file in application folder.

Exported model can be used to create 3D prints!
This module contains installation of an additional usb port (2x usb sockets total).
File sample: https://ar-sandbox.eu/download/Sandbox_2019-10-16_14-53-01.fbx

Augmented Reality Sanbox - Standard Model Touchscreen

Touch screen module

Touchscreen module is now available as a software extension. The application can be controlled via easy to use interface. Accessible settings include changing presets, altering colour schemes, projection height range, and resetting or disabling simulated waterflow. If You decide to purchase other modules, they will also be accessible from the touchscreen’s roll-up menu.

Important notice: You have to match the resolution of your touchscreen to that of the projector, so they are exactly the same. When setting up both screens in Windows, make sure they are next to each other (horizontally, not vertically).

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All options have been divided into four tabs you will find on the left side of the screen. At the bottom, there is also a roll-up menu, which will be described later on.


First tab is titled ‘WATER’. Inside there is a ‘CLEAR WATER’ button and ‘WATER DROP’ switch. When tapped, the button makes all water currently flowing on the map sink into the ground. The switch is used to enable or disable the waterflow. Disabling waterflow does not remove the water that’s already present.



Next up is the ‘COLOURS’ tab. Inside there are five colour palettes to choose from. Simply tap on one of them to activate. Below the palettes there are two switches. ‘TOPOGRAPHIC LINES’ switch turns on and off the isolines on the map, and ‘SMOOTH COLOURS’ enables and disables smooth transitions between differently coloured areas.


Next tab, ‘HEIGHT’ is used to alter the height range of the simulation. You can adjust the level of the map depending on your own will. Want even the tiniest mounds to look like snow-covered summits? – pull the upper bar all the way down. All changes are of course applied in real time, so it is very easy to understand the mechanism.



Last one is the ‘EXPORT’ tab. (only with the .FBX Export module activated) It has only one ‘EXPORT’ button. When pushed, it saves the actual surface scan to a .fbx file. This naturally doesn’t stop the simulation. Default location for saved files is an external USB drive.




All the option mentioned above apply to the ‘TOPOGRAPHIC MAP’ simulation.

The roll-up menu from the bottom of the screen lets you choose from available modules. In this case it’s a choice between the ‘TOPOGRAPHIC MAP’ simulation, or the AR ‘GRAVITY BALL GAME’ The application starts immediately after pressing one button.


Take a break from the everyday life and give free rein to Your imagination.
Create a virtual lagoon, paradise islands and peaceful beaches. The water level remains still. After You create the environment, sea creatures, such as colorful fish, will start to appear. The islands will start to blossom and tropical palms will sprout.

Feel free to visit the wonderland!

The modules presented below are still under development


Take on the role of an archaeologist!

Firstly, the sand needs to be leveled. Too low will turn it red, too high – white. The right height will be colored green. After 90% of the surface is leveled, an invitation will appear and You can start digging. Carefully remove consecutive layers of sand to reveal the hidden treasure. Will it be a fossil, or maybe an ancient vase? When excavated, the finding will be appropriately colored. Breaking it’s structure will turn it red and decrease the score.

Game ends when 90% of the finding is revealed, or the time runs out.